Easy! Just sign up for any of our Live Chat Plans and our Accounts Manager will send through a list of FAQs that you will like us to assist with your website visitors. We will also provide you the steps to install the Live Chat software on your website if you have technical know how or just let us have your web admin contact and we will be in touch with them.
Only Live Chat which we have deemed to have assisted your customers or have successfully assisted you in gaining a lead (include contact details) are considered as a successful Live Chat and counted to your Monthly Quota or Chargeable.
Our Live Chat service operate from 7.00am to 10.00pm GMT +8, Monday to Friday.
The default Live Chat language that we use is English. Please contact us if you have other specific language requirements.
We support all legit industries, except – banks, shopping carts, adult websites, gambling websites.
We will notify you via Email. This will be the Email address you have provided us when we do the "on boarding" process for you.
Our chat response time is in seconds. We aim to notify you about your leads in minutes after we have finished the chat. We immediately send you a summary of the chat and the entire chat transcript.
There is no long term contract. You can Cancel anytime if you decide to discontinue our Live Chat service. Do note that unfortunately we are unable to refund any remaining amount for unused service.
During the on boarding process, you will be asked if you will like us continue or stop handling any Live Chat Overage. We will also advice you the Live Chat overage fees during the on boarding process so you can decide how you will like us to handle your Live Chat overages.
Our Live Chat Professionals will proactively engage your web site visitors at an appropriate time and according to the Greeting Scripts. We will refer to the list of FAQs you have provided and answer any questions they may have and capture vital information like the name, email and phone number. We will forward any questions that we are unable to assist your visitors on the Live Chat to you so that they can be properly addressed as well.
We brief and train our all our Live Chat Agents to understand their assigned clients business, and it is mandatory they have studied your website and the FAQs you provide.
We have a privacy policy in place. We don’t give any information you don’t want us to give. If you don’t want certain information out, let us know and we will not let your web visitor know that.
We work hard for you so that we can retain you for ever. We also want you to refer our service to somebody who will benefit. We value you as a client and we won’t damage that relationship. Offering Live Chat service is what we do. We are not interested in selling any leads for commission. That is illegal.


For inquires, please use the form on the right. Our team will respond to your message within 24 hours

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